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Match Overview
Date and Time17/06/2024  21:00
StadiumMHP Arena
LocationStuttgard, Germany
FIFA Ranking#25 Austria   #2 France

Match Overview

The much-anticipated Euro 2024 game of Austria versus France is expected to be breathtaking. Ahead of this thrilling encounter, it is important to examine what makes this match so interesting. Both teams have a great history in European football and meeting in a major tournament adds more excitement.

Austria comes into Euro 2024 boasting a team full of talented and ambitious players. Their journey through the qualifiers demonstrated their resilience and tactical adeptness. With a combination of seasoned campaigners and youthful prospects, Austria has the intention of making a significant impression in the competition. Key names like David Alaba, Marcel Sabitzer, and Marko Arnautović bring technical quality as well as leadership to the side. The country’s tactical flexibility enables them to adapt to different opponents hence making them formidable.

However, France, the current World Cup champions, is one of the leading contenders for Euro 2024 glory. Les Bleus, with youthfulness coupled with established stars on their roster, make them an envious side to many across Europe. In France, Kylian Mbappé Antoine Griezmann N’Golo Kanté and other high-profile players form the strongest squad depth imaginable. Their attacking superiority combined with good defending makes them an intimidating adversary for any team that faces them. Furthermore, Didier Deschamps was responsible for developing a culture of victory amongst his boys who have been demonstrating themselves as world football powerhouses during international competitions recently.

The Austria VSFrance game is more than just another group-stage match-up.It is about styles of play. For example, Austria’s disciplined approach will be tested by the fluidity of France during this fixture. However, Fans expect tactics games where each wants to exploit strengths while at the same time capitalizing on the opponent’s weaknesses

Historical Rivalry

Historical Rivalry

Before, Austria and France had met numerous times, with each match adding a new chapter to their rivalry. As far as this fixture has been concerned in the past, France has always had an edge over Austria despite some bright moments from the Austrian side.

Since then, they met several other times in both competitive and friendly matches. A memorable one was during the Euro 2008 qualifiers when Austria humbled France by seeing 3-1 being posted on the final score sheet. It is through this match that it is often remembered that Austria does not lie down, even against the biggest teams.

For instance, in recent years, many of these contests have been dominated by French teams. Their last meeting at the major tournament was in Euro 2016 qualifiers, where a win of two zeros in favour of France was recorded. Anyway, every game presents its own opportunities thus, Austria will be yearning for success while reversing their fortunes.

This adds more spice to the forthcoming game because it involves history. When playing against France, Austria will be motivated by their previous accomplishments as France looks forward to sustaining its superiority. Supporters hence get an interesting narrative out of this, which creates enthusiasm around this particular game

Head-to-Head Record

11 Oct 2020UEFA Nations LeagueParis, FranceFrance 2 – 0 AustriaFrance
06 Sep 2019Friendly MatchVienna, AustriaAustria 1 – 3 FranceFrance
14 Oct 2014Euro QualifiersVienna, AustriaAustria 2 – 1 FranceAustria
18 Nov 2009Friendly MatchParis, FranceFrance 3 – 0 AustriaFrance
07 Sep 2008Euro QualifiersVienna, AustriaAustria 3 – 1 FranceAustria
26 Mar 2003Friendly MatchParis, FranceFrance 0 – 0 AustriaDraw
29 May 1994Friendly MatchVienna, AustriaAustria 1 – 2 FranceFrance
17 Oct 1990Euro QualifiersParis, FranceFrance 3 – 0 AustriaFrance
11 Sep 1989Euro QualifiersVienna, AustriaAustria 1 – 1 FranceDraw

Recent Form

Austria: Remarkably resilient and growing has Austria shown to have been in recent times with their performances, securing important wins in the European qualifiers. This is through a mixture of experienced players and young talents that are showing themselves off. Basically, they’re solid at the back but have an attacking-minded midfield. However, their inconsistency in goal-scoring is still worrying them. Therefore, their previous games have been alternating between wins won by huge margins and those lost narrowly, which implies that they may possess the ability, although they sometimes fail to be very clinical.

France: For instance, France has been a dominant force in international football for years. With an abundance of world-class talents in their ranks, France always produces exceptional results. They have recently posted splendid victories both in competitive matches as well as friendlies. Frequent rotations are possible due to a deep bench enabling them to maintain performance levels consistently throughout a match or season. Occasionally though, there were some defensive lapses as well as complacency, which made things difficult for them at times. All the same, France’s ability to recover from setbacks and dictate play cannot be matched by any other team around here.

Key Players

Key Players

Both teams heavily rely on their star players to implement their strategies, and in most cases, they make all the difference, particularly when it comes to high-stakes matches.


  1. David Alaba: he is Austria’s most valuable player due to his versatility. Alaba being a leader and technically gifted, makes him crucial for Austria’s success. He is an important player because of his contribution both defensively and offensively.
  2. Marko Arnautović: Arnautović is known for his brilliance and imagination that can energize Austrian attack. His experience and ability to score vital goals make him a player who cannot be ignored.
  3. Marcel Sabitzer: through his passing and vision, the midfield dynamo controls the rhythm of the game. Austria’s dominance in midfield depends largely on Sabitzer’s work rate as well as how well he links up play.


  1. Kylian Mbappé: The speed, skill, and finishing of this young forward can change games. Mbappé is always dangerous due to his capacity to exploit defences as well as score from various positions.
  2. N’Golo Kanté: France greatly needs the defensive skills accorded by Kante, who tirelessly covers grounds in midfield. Kante’s ability to dispossess opponents and then quickly transition into offensive moves remains unmatched
  3. Karim Benzema: After coming back to join the national team from exile, France has found another way of attacking with Benzema up front. Benziema provides France with an edge thanks to positional intelligence, technical skills and goal-poaching abilities.

Tactical Analysis

Both teams have differing ways of playing that reflect their capability and beliefs.

Austria: Austria usually deploys a fluid formation, sometimes toggling between 4-4-2 and 3-5-2, depending on the opponent at hand. Their tactical approach to games is fixed on solid defence; as such, they play with a compact midfield that disrupts the opposition’s going. The fullbacks are encouraged to press high, provide width and create overloads in wide areas. In attack, they rely on quick counters and input from players like Arnautović and Sabitzer. The pressure game is intense where they seek to win possession early upfield and exploit exposed defender’s channels.

France: France’s team depth as well as versatility, allows for flexible interchanging between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 formations. Their tactical approach concentrates on controlling possession and dictating the pace of play. Kanté leads the midfield three, providing stability amid fluidity during transition moments. France’s attacking system has two major components – fast Mbappé upfront, who links up with Benzema or Griezmann, who is creative in the central region. Defensively, they hold a high line employing fullbacks for width, while their centre-halves dominate aerial battles by using their physical attributes.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Whenever Austria and France confront each other, it promises to be a fiercely fought contest with tactical struggles and flashes of individual brilliance.

From Austria: In a game against France, we expect Austria to adopt an uncompromisingly defensive stance. This will involve some emphasis on quick counterattacks and set-piece opportunities as the best way to score goals. The appearance of the Austrian team will therefore be much more physical than that of their opponents.

From France: Therefore, France must find a way of keeping the ball away from their opponents using their ability to maneuver quickly during the game. They should exploit any spaces left when defending by passing behind the backline through Mbappé’s pace or between their forwards’ interplay. Consequently, how they switch play across the pitch and use its breadth will prove essential in cracking open Austria’s defence. This is further illustrated by them being high pressing and aimng to win battles in midfield areas defensively.


This will be an interesting game, full of contrasting styles and top-notch football ability between Austria VS France. For Austria, it would test its resilience and tactical organization, while for France, it would show how much depth they have in their squad. Either team has the chance to win it, but the result could come down to standout performances by individuals as well as the tactics used.

As supporters, we know that there will be lots of thrilling moments with strategic warfare and twists in events that could change everything. This is a match to sit back and watch for all fans, whether you are on team Austria vs France or just a football lover.

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