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Football lovers are eager to watch the Euro 2024 of Hungary vs Switzerland to be played soon. With both teams set to lock horns, this particular encounter has the making of a blockbuster, where we will witness exciting players and inventive tactical brains against each other. What better to do than to take a closer look at this exciting game that fans can hardly wait to begin?

Match InfoDetails
VenueBudapest, Hungary
DateSaturday, June 15, 2024
Match Time18:00 (CET)

Match Overview

The Euro 2024 clash between Hungary and Switzerland has electric excitement. Both countries fans are very much excited to see their teams’ performance on this grand stage. The tension is high this weekend in Hungary v Switzerland.

Hungary vs Switzerland fixtures have long been feisty affairs, and this possible Euro 2024 clash should be no different. Both teams come into this game in full throttle and, with the amount of preparation going into their buildup, this tie looks like being one of the closest-fought games on the cards.

Historical Rivalry

Historical Rivalry

The rivalry of these two countries dates back to far in the past and the animosities between Hungary and Switzerland are remembrances of both nations competitive nature. Both these teams have been part of numerous tournaments over the years, producing fantastic moments and gripping contests Respective of the significance of the result, the matches between these sides generally have a lot of competitive feel around them which has invariably meant a nail-biter with plenty at stake on the card.

This is a long-standing rivalry dating back to the early 19 hundreds, and both teams have seen their fair share of game winners and the heart break of defeat. Every match writes a new chapter in its iconic lore – and you can only imagine what 2024 has in store. It is sure that likes of these said fans from both quarters will be hoping for yet another nervy, adrenaline fueled, passion filled and determination kit clash.

Head-to-Head Record

12/11/2021FriendlyZurichSwitzerland 2-1 Hungary
05/09/2017WC QualifierBudapestHungary 0-3 Switzerland
07/10/2016WC QualifierBaselSwitzerland 3-2 Hungary
01/06/2012FriendlyBudapestHungary 1-2 Switzerland
14/11/2007FriendlyZurichSwitzerland 0-1 Hungary

Recent Form

Hungary, meanwhile, have impressed so far in qualification, as have Swiss. Hungary- The nation with the well executed, well organized and diligent style of football with solid defense have had a fair tournament so far. That proved vital in the Bronx Bombers’ success, as they were able to fend off some tough teams.

Switzerland, meanwhile, has displayed their capability in front of goal with plenty high-scoring encounters. They have the ability to break down defenses with quick, precise play, and as such have been very hard to play against. When these two countries meet in a Euro 2024 fixture, they will hope to take their recent success and find a way to earn a much-needed win.

Key Players

Key Players

Switzerland vs Hungary – Hungary have a number of highly rated players they will take on Switzerland. Young and swift midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai is a key for Hungarian playmaking and assist to create goal chances. At the top will be the offensive threat of Ádám Szalai who has his share of international experience and his presence on the pitch will provide on-the-field leadership. They will need Willi Orban’s physicality and nous to weather Switzerland’s flurries going forward, though.

Granit Xhaka will be the man in the middle for the Swiss with his vision through the tenants and the power of his passing through the middle. Xherdan Shaqiri (F) – May be out of form and not quite doing that much on the ball, but any defenses sees his face and they know he can create from nothing. Key to the Game: Switzerland will need to rely on being tough to break down at the back, with the likes of Manuel Akanji expected to sue his presence to ensure Switzerland stays solid at the back and disrupt Hungary attacks. The battle between these star-studded line-ups may as well going to be the decider in this mouth-watering Euro 2024 encounter.

Tactical Analysis

If you look at the tactics hungary vs switzerland, the way the two sides play is totally different. They are a nation who are not short of big names, yet the Hungarians base their game predominantly off a solid defensive stance aiming to break quickly and with intention. The key to a good, attacking Austrian performance will be strength in the midfield, with the likes of Szoboszlai pulling the strings fill a vital void for between defense attack.

However, Switzerland is somewhat more possession-oriented, developing its attack more cautiously. They look to keep control of the midfield and then pull the opposition defence around through their wide players. Xhaka and Shaqiri form part of a triangle at the heart of the field, helping to create room out wide for attacking forward to capitalise on.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Fans will receive a good game to see with both teams looking for a win. Hungary vs Switzerland is always a tight game and the Euro 2024 game will be no different. The prospect of Switzerland’s clinical attackers coming up against Hungary’s stubborn defensive unit should make the tactical battle between the two sides an intriguing one.

Live from Budapest A national in big support at home The Swiss will have to deal with the pressure of being away from home and find solutions in attacking Hungary, whose defense is well-structured. It should be one of the group stage matches of the tournament and a statement big win for both teams.


Euro 2024 presents what is certain to be a very even and enthralling first-round Hungary vs Switzerland matchup. Both teams have been in proficient form and boast a long history of competitive fixtures; it promises to be a real treat for the fans. Hungary are difficult to score against; Switzerland are a bundle of frenzied attacking; this will be good football from start to finish in every sense of the word.

Read on to find out more, and please keep checking our hub for all things Euro 2024. And make your bets through the link given if you have the confidence in your predictions.

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