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Match Info
Date and Time16/06/2024  22:00
StadiumAufSchalke Arena
LocationGelsenkirchen, Germany
FIFA Ranking#3 England  #32 Serbia

Match Overview

Match Overview

In the course of Euro 2024, there is a Serbia vs. England match that stands out as a must-watch fixture. One of the favorites coming to the tournament is England due to their rich history and consistent international performances. The Three Lions have a mix of battle-hardened veterans and young talents set for greatness, which makes them hard to beat. Known all over Europe for their tactical discipline, technical skills, and attacking prowess, England always makes up one of those teams to watch out for.

The most notable feature of Serbia’s recent accomplishments lies in how this nation succeeded in securing its place at Euro 2024 by winning its UEFA Nations League group ahead of countries like Hungary or Finland. Their rock-solid defensive organization combined with powerful attack puts them among top-class teams worldwide.

Conversely, Serbia enters Euro 2024 as a team on a mission. Seen more often as underdogs, the Serbs have shown determination and a tactically wise approach to football, especially during their recent games. In fact, they proved in the UEFA Nations League how they can compete against some very strong sides from Europe with their robust defense and swift counterattacks.

Serbia’s game plan is pragmatic: solid defense organization and spaces exploring counterattacks. Their well-organized defenders plus creative midfielders contributed largely to this success story, thus making them tough opponents for any side.

When these two teams meet each other at Euro 2024, it will be an interesting encounter tactically speaking. Most probably, England will have a possession advantage trying to impose rhythm on Serbians and create scoring chances through their fluid attacking play, but Serbia would want to frustrate them by staying disciplined at defense while waiting patiently for opportunities to break away quickly downfield instead of being caught napping defensively.

Historical Rivalry

Recently, the feud has been full of great matches. England is famous for dominating international football, while Serbia’s comeback has a new twist to this rivalry. The wars of tactics, one-to-one battles, and sheer will power make every game between Serbia and England spectacular.

Serbia usually prefers a robust defensive approach where they soak pressure and play on counterattack. This was evident in their recent Nations League ties as they drew with England and even won against them. The fact that Serbia is able to maintain its shape while staying organized, coupled with swift counter-attacks, is an enormous challenge for the English side.

England, on the other hand, often faces the problems of trying to break down Serbia’s well organized defense line due to their attacking abilities and control in midfield. With tactical versatility, strength in depth, and experience at high-stakes ante, Three Lions are no pushover at all. It is players like Harry Kane, who cannot stop scoring goals, or Raheem Sterling a pacey player who can create opportunities for others, that make up the majority of the whole team’s playing strategy.

It sets up another thrilling episode in this historic rivalry as we enter Euro 2024. Both sides have much to prove more so than ever before. It is about asserting dominance and continuing their legacy for England; showcasing growth and resilience on one of football’s grandest stages for Serbia.

The match between these two teams is not just another game but a tale of history, tactics, and passion. The European championship provides an excellent platform where both teams can showcase their skills through skillful games involving strategy, making unforgettable moments for fans

Head-to-Head Record 

6 June 2003England 2-1 SerbiaFriendly
2 April 2003Serbia 1-2 EnglandFriendly
14 June 2007England 0-0 SerbiaUEFA European Championship Qualifier
7 June 2012England 3-1 SerbiaFriendly
29 June 2016Serbia 0-1 EnglandUEFA Nations League
9 June 2021England 2-2 SerbiaFriendly

Recent Form

To gauge the prospects of the forthcoming match between Serbia and England, one must evaluate the recent form of the two teams. Over the past few matches, Serbia has had a mixed bag. The team has been excellent in their attacking play with occasional sporadic performances, however, lack of consistency has proved to be their weakest link. It is a testament to the resilience and determination that was evident in Serbia’s recent matches, which allowed them to rise above challenges. However, they are sometimes victims of their own defense as it let them down by conceding goals at crucial stages.

Conversely, England has experienced mild fluctuations in terms of its performance due to a combination of youthful talent and seasoned players. England’s current manager, who has developed his team into not only defensively sound but also an attacking unit, leads them. In most recent games played by the England team, they managed to build on solid displays by utilizing quick transitions coupled with high-pressing play resulting in success against various teams. This is a good sign for their coach as these signs demonstrate that he is coaching a well-disciplined and confident team ready to face any challenge head-on.

Key Players

The focus is always on players who have the capacity to turn the result in Serbia vs England single-handedly. In this case, names like Aleksandar Mitrović and Dušan Tadić are not likely to be missed out. Mitrović has been able to score goals for his team whenever called upon both at club and international level, owing to his physicality as well as goal-scoring ability. The skill that he possesses of netting important goals means he should be kept under the radar.

On the other hand, Tadić brings creativity and vision into Serbian midfield. His capability of unlocking defenses with accurate passes, coupled with vast experience in high-pressure games, makes him a valuable asset for Serbia’s national team. Consequently, the two combine together brilliantly hence making a fearsome partnership going forward capable of giving a lot of problems even to the best defenses.

For England, it will be Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling who will attract attention from everyone in their game against Serbia –Kane being their captain, while Sterling is one of them who can run fast. He is not just a player who scores many goals but also leads on the field. His finishing abilities grant him an opportunity to drop behind into spaces which creates opportunities for others, thus making him England’s most dangerous player. Furthermore, there is another dimension added by Sterling as far as England’s attack is concerned since he possesses a great skill set such as horrifying velocity and dribbling approach when utilized by defenders always poses danger.

Tactical Analysis

The tactical battle between England and Serbia is expected to intrigue. A solid defensive structure that depends on a compact shape used by Serbia is what they usually employ. They have experienced defenders who know how to intercept passes and make important tackles. In midfield, the Serbians focus on ball possession and game control. The creativity of Tadić plays a key role in this aspect as he conducts the team’s attacking mechanisms looking for weak points in the defense of any opponent.

England prefers a more dynamic approach under their manager. They are highly known for their high pressing and quick transition from defense to attack. This type of play allows them to make capital out of the mistakes made by the opponents. The fullbacks are critical in this system, often overlapping with wingers; thus increasing width while also delivering crosses into the box. Declan Rice, Mason Mount, and other key players in that team’s midfield break opposition attacks and initiate counterattacks.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Anticipated close fight between Serbia and England will be a battle of nerves. Therefore, the two teams will start the match cautiously. The Serbian team will play with five defenders in order to nullify England’s strong attack and score goals on counter-attacking. Their ability to switch from defense to offense quickly using Mitrović’s speed and power is important.

On the other hand, England will try to assert their authority from the beginning of the match. If they press high up the field and pass rapidly, this can create problems for their opponent. This contest is likely to be won or lost in midfield as it often sets the tone for how games are played.

In addition, dead-ball situations may also play an important part in deciding who goes through. Both teams possess individuals capable of delivering dangerous crosses into penalty areas, and aerial strength such as Kane or Mitrović could offer some opportunities for goals.


The upcoming European Championship game between Serbia and England will be a great one. The teams have Mitrović, Tadić, Kane, and Sterling, who can produce moments of individual brilliance. It will be intriguing to see how Serbia’s solid defense will fare against England’s high-pressing tactics and quick transitions. In the end, which team follows its game plan better and takes advantage of the other side’s weaknesses might determine the match.

The countdown to kick-off has begun, and fans from both countries are preparing for what is expected to be an unforgettable encounter. It doesn’t matter if you are supporting either the Serbian or English side; this game will go down in history as one of the most memorable events ever witnessed in European Championship tournaments. Therefore, grab your best snack, settle down, and prepare yourself as these two football titans collide head-to-head

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